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Working with Jonathan is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had with a designer. From branding to web design to marketing templates to front-end development and project management, Jonathan is equally comfortable in each of the media he has designed for us. I’m beginning to suspect there’s nothing he can’t do well. Jonathan also adapts his style to a client’s level of experience and desire to collaborate (or not), and he’s incredibly fast, responsive, and thorough. Plus, he’s a delightful human being. I can’t recommend him highly enough for your organization, business or project!

– Misty McLaughlin, Principal & Founder, Cause Craft Consulting


Jonathan Bell is a designer and web developer from upstate NY, currently residing in Fort Worth, TX. For more than 15 years, Jonathan has helped dozens of purpose-driven organizations, startups, and marketers build engaging digital experiences. He's also a record collector and superhost.